A tour of organic coupons!

First stop,
Teri’s Coupon Center: Here you find links to ALL the best resources for coupons.

From there, take a look at:

Teri’s Coupon Tracker: http://www.thegrocerygame.com/app/couponTracker/#SearchCoupons

Enter keyword “organic” and “Go”! Up will come a listing of where to find coupons in FSIs*, electronic, printable coupons, and others. You can type in a brand name, or any other word to find coupons. Bonus: Teri’s Coupon Tracker means NO MORE COUPON FILES! Just keep your inserts from your paper intact, and cut out the ones you want by the date that they came out as indicated in the tracker. I mark my sections with a big date on the front and keep them in a stack, putting the new ones on top. Then, when the tracker says I have a coupon in Smartsource section 4/18, I cut that coupon from that section. I don’t have to cut and file 150 every week. I only cut 20-30 of the ones I use. Want to know what the codes mean on the Tracker? Here’s a video that shows what it does and how to use it:

Teri’s Coupon Tracker Video: http://www.thegrocerygame.com/app/couponTracker/con_Video_Coupon_Tracker.cfm

Grocery Game Printable Coupons – Teri’s Coupon Tracker Homepage:

Back to the homepage of our coupon Center, see Grocery Game 1, 2, and 3, links to tons of printables, and lots of them are organics. Direct link above.

“Good on Any” coupons: When looking at manufactuers’ coupons, at first blush, you may think there aren’t many organic coupons. But wait! A coupon for “Ragu” that reads “good on any” means you can use it for Organic Ragu. Same applies to any other manufacturers’ product lines that have organic offerings. So think about that as you flip through those sections from your Sunday paper. There’s more organics than meets the eye!

Manufacturers’ Websites – From Teri’s Coupon Tracker Homepage, see a link called “Other Printable and Mailed Coupons”:

THAT page is a gold mine for organic coupons and lots of non-organics as well. Organic foods companies don’t do a lot of FSIs*, because they just don’t get the return on their investments yet (although it’s improving). So many of your favorite organics brands are only offering coupons on their own websites. Saves them money on the cost of distributing through FSIs, and other businesses. At the above link, The Grocery Game lists manufacturers who offer coupons on their sites. But it gets better… Once on these sites, sometimes the coupons and offers are hard to find. These links go directly to the pages with the GOLD! (coupons, that is!)

For more info on “green” offers, Kelli Grant just came out with a very informative article on the subject of green coupons: http://www.smartmoney.com/spending/deals/5-sites-to-find-green-coupons/

*FSIs, Free Standing Inserts: These are those coupon inserts that come in your Sunday newspaper, usually two per week, Smartsource and Redplum (sometimes more than one of each), and once a month another insert from Proctor & Gamble.

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