The End of the 30 Day $100!

Was a success! 

The challenge proves that saving money can start from small places. These small expenses add up, significantly impacting how much we save. Thinking large-scale, it’s easy to believe that we don’t make enough to save, but, looking at the small things is what matters. 

My Grand Total Saved Is….$89.38!! 

Even without reaching $100, saving money in small ways, is possible. It does take some time and effort, but good habits soon become second-nature. 

The Calendar of Savings

30 days of finding small ways to save, and making smart money choices doesn’t have to end at day 30. This kind of saving, and conscientious spending, can continue beyond this month. 

Continue following Young & Free Maine for more smart money tips, and stick with Maine’s credit unions to make the most of your money! Print this calendar of savings tips to help you stay on track with your day-to-day savings! 

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