How To Write Checks

Patricia Holmes, from NorState Federal Credit Union, says checks are “not used as often as they used to be, but they are still used for paychecks by a lot of businesses and for personal transactions.”

For me, check-writing comes in handy every month when I pay rent. Checks make personal transactions easier, too. For example, I pay my roommate in checks for the electricity bill and other utilities, because it’s rare that I have cash on me. 

Holmes says that knowing how to write a check can be useful when electronic payments are not accepted, like for your landlord, or when electronic systems are not working.  Knowing how to read a check is just as important. That way, when you bring it in to cash or deposit at your credit union, or when you’re depositing through mobile check deposit, you can be sure that it will be accepted. 

If the check is not written correctly, the credit union may not cash or deposit your check. In that case, you must go back to the check writer to have it replaced or corrected. Some common mistakes are

  • incorrect date
  • numerical and written amounts don’t match
  • check writer’s signature missing on the front
  • ripped or altered checks
  • and checks written in pencil. 

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