Realistic Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

The time has come to plan this year’s “resolution,” a firm decision to do or not to do something. Seemingly, the majority of Americans who make New Year’s Resolutions (which is about 40 percent) fail to stick to their firm decision. Research shows that of the tens of millions of Americans who plan to change something about themselves or their habits, most can’t do it.

Maybe it isn’t that the resolution-makers can’t do it.

Maybe it is the resolution-making itself that is the problem.

If that is the case, let’s change how we approach our goals so that we set ourselves up for success!  Failure starts with vague or weak goals, so follow these guidelines to help you stick to your goals: 

  • make it attainable, and make it simple
  • know that you will screw up and that it’s okay
  • be very motivated and committed
  • make your goals specific and challenging, rather than broad and easy
  • do it for you
  • use the buddy system
  • set small goals, instead of one big one
  • be your own biggest fan and challenge your own self-sabotaging thoughts

Ideas for Resolutions in 2015

If you need realistic ideas for resolutions, focus on your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development. That way, you do it for yourself, to become your best self. 

1. Make an effort to learn about finances. Know how to manage your money responsibly so that you can set up a successful financial future. Start with small goals, like saving a percentage of your earnings every month. 10 percent of what you earn per month is a good goal to work up to! Learn about making a budget, investing, and spending wisely. Follow a financial blog, or website, like this one!! 

2. Do something good for your health. Even if you are health-consicous, there are always improvements to be made. Learn more about good health and nutrition. Incorporate better protein into your diet (like chicken, fish, turkey, and beans); aim for 30 minutes of physical activity for a day (like jumping rope, biking, walking, kickboxing, ANYTHING!); eat breakfast every morning; make water your main beverage; and get 7 – 8 hours of sleep at night. 

3. Develop a hobbyIt doesn’t have to be expensive! Find an activity that keeps you intrigued and focused. Choose from this lisof hobbies! 

4. Do something good for someone else. Whether it’s volunteering, donating, making time for an old friend, or just sharing your smile, spread goodness more often. Make it a goal:  one good thing for someone every day.

5. Read a good book, the newspaper, a brilliant article, or work on improving your vocabulary. Find a subject that intrigues you and focus on learning new information. Become knowledgeable about the environment, U.S. politics, foreign affairs, justice, health, etc. Set small goals along the way:  read 20 – 30 pages of a book per day, or find one new article every day. Here is a list of the “Best Books for Smart People.”

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