Survival tips for young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face intimidating odds, but there are various techniques they can utilize to save money and avoid filing for bankruptcy.

There are various practices that young entrepreneurs can engage in to save money that may simply seem like common sense. These market participants should be sure to do their due diligence related to researching topics related to money management and finance. One book that has been promoted repeatedly is Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Learning the art of being frugal is crucial for business owners who are newer to the world of entrepreneurship. These people should consider what their business entities really need, and avoid extraneous costs.

Entrepreneurs should save their excess money in case they run into a crisis or an unexpected financial problem.
Aside from studying basic finances, one good way for small businesses to save money is paring down the amount of money they spend on labor, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. Business owners can save money by hiring independent contractors. Unlike employees, hiring contractors does not entail the expenditure associated with payroll taxes. Before working with a person in this manner, an entrepreneur needs to make sure that the contractor fits the definition provided by the Internal Revenue Service. Failing to do so could result in penalties.

Businesses can also save money by working with unpaid interns. Utilizing this strategy can reduce labor costs and also provide the interns with valuable experience that can benefit their careers.

Entrepreneurs can also contribute to lower labor costs by working with commission-only sales representatives, the media outlet reports. Using this method to compensate people for making sales can help a business owner avoid paying the costs of a salary, benefits, training, vacation and expenses. Getting this strategy to work by actually yielding sales can be challenging, as proven representatives will often refuse to work without a base salary.

Working with independent sales agents who have substantial industry experience and a wealth of contacts can help entrepreneurs to achieve the objectives of keeping costs down and generating results, as these people can reach out to prospects who they think might be a good fit instead of spending hours a day cold calling from a list of leads. Their training needs will be less, as they have a stronger wealth of industry experience to draw upon.

These are a few of the strategies that young entrepreneurs can use to keep their business costs down and make their dream more likely to survive. 

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