As You Move, Consider Your Commuting Costs

When planning a move, the number of considerations you need to make can feel overwhelming. Renting or purchasing, monthly costs, utilities, roommates, furnishings, even neighbors – all of these play a role.

But the old rule of realtors remains the most important: Location, location, location. It’s more than just a nice view or a neighborhood with the best cafes or organic co-ops, though – location will determine how you commute, and that has huge implications.

The average American commutes for an hour every day, but there’s much more to it than that. Since most Americans get to work in their cars – alone, usually – you need to think about the cost of the car, gas, insurance and repairs. It takes time to earn all that money.

Finding a job where you can telecommute is easily the most cost-efficient, since you can live in a cheap area and not pay a cent to get to work. Failing that, it’s important to do the math – does the cost of your car outweigh the cost of living close to your job?

It might well end up being economical to sell the car, ditch the associated insurance and maintenance costs, and pay more for a smaller place that gives you more time and, in the end, more available cash.

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