Top 5 Vehicle Modifications That Save You Cash

Spending a lot on your car is a drag, so you’re probably already familiar with some DIY tips to save money on your car. Those tips—such as keeping tires properly inflated and doing your own maintenance—are essential to any vehicle owner. They’re the basics. Now it’s time to learn about some great vehicle modifications that will take your savings to the next level. Master those basics of saving money on your car, and you can use the savings to make modifications like these. They’ll make your auto hum, and you’ll be singing as you save money down the road.

Cold Air Intake

For any vehicle, a cold air intake modification helps the engine achieve more with its airflow. Think of the engine like a gigantic lung. The more fresh air you get in your lungs, the better you feel, because you’re getting more oxygen to your brain. When your engine gets more cold air, it improves combustion, which lets it open up and get more horsepower and torque at better fuel efficiency. Get an intake that shuts off the engine bay from the filter area so you’re getting cold air—not the hot stuff.

Cat-back Exhaust

“Cat-back” is short for catalytic converter-back system. The cat-back modification is very popular for vehicles like the F-150, because it increases torque and horsepower. It includes a rear pipe, muffler, and resonator. The modification makes it so exhaust gases are less restricted, releasing pressure to improve gas mileage. Essentially, your engine breathes easier because the cat-back mod makes it easier to release exhaust. The engine does less work, improving fuel efficiency, and the free flow of gases means you get better torque and horsepower.

Strut Bars

A strut bar, otherwise known as a strut tower brace, gives you better handling around corners. You can get strut bars for the upper and lower portions of your front and rear struts. They back up your frame, reducing chassis flex and giving it extra support so it can handle more stress. This reduces the amount of energy your engine has to expend, improving efficiency. Your vehicle will ride over bumps, ruts, and potholes smoother than it would without struts bars. If your car doesn’t have them already, give it a go.

HID Lights

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights consume 35 percent less electricity than halogens and put out 300 percent more light. These things are great because you’re using less power to get more performance. This prolongs battery life, or if you’re driving an electric vehicle (EV), HIDs will help you go longer on a single charge. For hybrid vehicles, you’ll get better gas mileage because the traction engine won’t have to work quite as hard to power the electric engine.

Better Tires

Low rolling resistance tires improve gas mileage by up to 3%. Granted, if you need a ton of traction because of slippery conditions, these might not be the tires for you. But new advancements with a substance called silica help low rolling resistance tires get great traction, because the silica is a very sticky substance. Overall, to increase performance and efficiency, there isn’t a better modification than a tire upgrade.

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