Win a Kindle!

Full Sail University wants you to win a Kindle. We want you to win a Kindle. Therefore, we’ve made winning a Kindle really, really easy. Just fill out the entry form and wait to win. That’s it.

In case you’ve been living under a rock,   Kindle is Amazon’s dedicated e-reader. It can hold up to 1500 books, magazines and newspapers. The no-glare, easy-to-read text makes the Kindle the e-reader of choice for people who really like to read. Plus, most Kindle books are cheaper. You can buy everything from textbooks to best sellers and save money. And, it’s super thin. Just slip it into your purse or pocket and you will always have a library with you. With a Kindle, you will never get caught off guard with nothing to do.

About Full Sail
Full Sail is one of the premier media arts schools in the world. With majors in entertainment business, recording, film, music and creative writing—Full Sail is the school to attend if you want a career in the entertainment industry.

Rolling Stone calls Full Sail University one of the “5 best music programs in the country.”

With three new degree programs in Creative Writing, Music Production, and Recording Engineering, the opportunities just continue to grow.

Winning a Kindle is easy.

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