Tangy Tuna Ceviche

In looking for recipes for ceviches, look no further. This Tangy Tuna Ceviche is the perfect, light and easy summer dish that everyone will devour! The key is lime and cilantro… and canned tuna!

What is cilantro? Cilantro coriander is a very aromatic herb with soft leaves, sometimes called Chinese parsley.

I grow vegetables and herbs, and I always plant cilantro, because it’s great for cilantro salsa, cilantro rice, cilantro chicken, and anything and everything mexican! Besides, it’s so pretty, and makes my vegetable garden look like something from better homes & garden!

I learned this recipe from my friend, Lidia, who taught it to her kids, who taught it to my kids, who taught it to me!!

This cilantro recipe… err… I mean Tangy Tuna Ceviche Recipe, uses cans of tuna, instead of raw fish. It’s easy to make at picnics or camp-outs, which is why Lidia came up with it in the first place. Needless to say, I have to be sure to keep all the ingredients on hand. My big 21 year old son, Christian, makes up batches of this with his big hungry friends, and they devour it! That’s probably the main reason I grow cilantro in my garden!

Cilantro Growing Tip: Keep trimming it whether you eat it or not. Once it flowers, it goes to seed, which is the “coriander”, and it dies back. If you keep trimming it, and eating it, it can last all summer!

For Little Kids, just omit the serranos and hot sauce. The tangy-ness of the limes will make it plenty good sans the spice. For party food, I usually make two kinds, an adult batch and kid batch. Serve it up with tortilla chips, and they eat it as a chunky dip.

My family has always preferred solid white tuna for sandwiches, but for this, Lidia uses chunk light, as do we. I think because of the spices and lime, it just works.

Money Saving Tip: Chunk light tuna is cheaper too!

Once you try this recipe for ceviche, you’ll want to load up on sales on tuna, and that time is now! Walgreens has 5 oz. cans of chunk light tuna on sale for 79 cents a can with the store coupon through this Saturday. There’s a limit of six at that price, and my savings tip is to always buy the limit. You’re going to need it, because this is one of those things you can’t stop eating.

Tangy Tuna Ceviche is also handy for healthy dinners. Stock up on sales of taco shells or tostada shells with coupons if you have them, and serve them up for easy dinner ideas.

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