Part 2 – How to Make the Best BBQ Corn! Next stop, the Grill

Perfect BBQ corn starts with knowing how to select the best ears. See yesterday’s post on “How to Make the Best BBQ Corn! First Stop, the Market”.

I started BBQing corn long ago, and have been through years of metamorphosis. The old days of pulling back the shucks, taking off the silk, and tying the shucks back up are over. Yeah, I did try all kinds of things to put in the shucks. And once I discovered that was just destroying the corn, I decided to perfect it, by leaving it as God intended until I actually eat it… in the shuck! And that took many tries, before I came up with this EASY method:

  • Soak the ears in water for at least 15 minutes (husks fully in tact)
  • Set the grill on Low-Medium heat.
  • Grill each side for about 2 minutes with the lid closed = 8 minutes (4 sides)
  • Remove corn to a large pot or tub, still in its husk. Cover with plastic grocery bags, then with a large towel for insulation. This allows the ears to steam in their husks. Let sit for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Shuck the corn. It will be hot to handle, so oven mitts are handy. Silk will come off much easier cooked than raw.
  • Brush with melted unsalted butter and put back on the grill for a few minutes to get that pretty roasted look and flavor.

Here’s me and my BFF, Sami, cooking our corn and other BBQ goodies!

Juicy Tip: When grilling shucked corn, only brush with Unsalted butter. Salted butter will draw out the moisture while grilling, and dry out the corn. So no salt, until its on the plate and ready to eat!

My favorite way to eat corn on the cob is Mexican style. Slather with mayonnaise, and then roll in grated parmesan cheese! Now THAT’s the perfect way to top off a perfect ear of corn!

Leftover tips – Cut leftover corn off the cob and use in soups, casseroles, chili. Try a delicious side dish, Kari’s Corn Casserole. Also pretty in in salads. If you’ve already buttered the corn on the cob, and you want to use it in a salad, you can rinse it in lukewarm water before chilling it in the fridge. Perfection!

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