Healthy Kid Friendly Snacks

Kids may not like to eat their veggies, but they will if you make it fun!

  • Let the kids make it. Peanut butter on celery sticks might be boring. Give them raisins and let them put the ants on the log, and they’ll enjoy eating their fun creation.

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  • Give it a fun name. Fruit and yogurt may not be so appealing, but call it “Strawberries in a Cloud”, and now you’ve got something fun to eat!
  • Serve it fancy. Kids feel like it’s special when it’s in a fancy goblet or wine glass.
  • favorite book, and then let them build it. Kids can spread a tasty dip on a rice cake and decorate it with chopped veggies and grated carrots.

Any kid knows this is “Peter Rabbit Pizza”!

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