Creative Holiday Craft Party Ideas

Holiday Craft Parties Are Unique Party Themes

Looking for unique party themes? Craft party themes are creative and unique, not to mention rewarding and a genuinely fun way to spend time with friends who are also crafters.

Let’s have a holiday craft party! Being a crafter myself, there’s nothing more fun to me than getting together with fellow crafters for a gab-fest and craft-fest. It’s easy to throw a holiday craft party because they don’t have to be any more formal than you want them to be.

Each person can work on their own holiday craft projects, or the group can work on one large project together.

In fact, why not have your holiday craft parties once a month throughout the year?

1. Choose A Date For Your Holiday Crafts Party

Schedule early on, so people have time to decide on a craft to make & gather their supplies.

Choosing A Date For Your Holiday Craft Party

Decide on a date at least six weeks in advance to give you time to plan the party and send invitations. It will help to know now whether you want your party to be on a weekend afternoon, weekday afternoon or an evening. To know that, you need to know what you’ll be doing at the party as well as who you plan to invite.

The best way to get started is with just a plain old piece of paper and your calender. Read over the rest of this page for ideas you like (or ideas you get!) and make some notes for yourself.

Now use your notes as your outline for planning your party & assemble any other information you need. Who will you be inviting? Will there be kids? Might want to include some simple kids activities for them.

A Crochet Group
2. Choose an easy holiday craft project

Include it in the invitations, so people will know what supplies to get. In fact, include a materials list with the invitation whenever possible.

You could have each person bring their own holiday craft project, and maybe a dish to share.This is lots of fun for a casual craft party.

Send invitations about a month in advance to allow time for scheduling and shopping for materials.

Selecting A Craft Or Theme For Your Holiday Craft Party

What would you like to make at your craft party? This is the perfect chance to get good friends together and craft up some wonderful handmade Christmas gifts.

Need some ideas? Here’s just a few to get you started:

  • Christmas ornaments; each person can make one or more for themselves or for gifts. There are lots of cute and quick Christmas ornament kits or patterns to choose from. Ornaments make great holiday gift ideas for co-workers, neighbors, even the mailman!
  • Christmas stockings; again, each person can make one or more for their family or for gifts. Felt stocking patterns are adorable and fast.
  • Christmas decorations; same here–each person can make one or more Christmas decorations for their family or for gifts. Try wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, door hangers and more.
  • Christmas gifts; now here is where you can really have some fun. Each person can make one or more Christmas gift for their family or friends, of course. So as a group, try soap-making or candle-making. Make gifts in a jar. Bead some bracelets together. Make scrapbook pages or Christmas cards together.

3. Keep It Simple

The simpler you keep things, the more fun you and everyone else can have! And that means, keep the chosen projects simple too. Especially your first party.

Keep Your Holiday Craft Party Projects Quick And Easy

Make your holiday craft party more fun by keeping your craft projects quick and easy. This way, your guests can enjoy creating the gift and enjoy each others’ company too.

Quick and easy holiday craft project can include ornaments, knit or crochet dishcloths, bracelets, soaps and candles. The trick is to choose projects that require few materials and assemble or work up quickly.

If you’d like to have refreshments at your holiday craft party, choose easy to eat foods and drinks. A fruit and vegetable tray accompanied by cheese cubes, crackers and cold cuts is one idea. A cookie tray is another.

Provide easy access to quick and easy cleaning up if needed. Damp wash cloths, hand wipes are handy. Or set out pretty soaps and extra hand towels in the kitchen or bathroom.

Enjoy Crafting With Friends By Having A Party

Have A Holiday Craft Party For Charity

My favorite theme for a holiday craft party is to make items for charity. Homeless shelters need scarves, hats and blankets. Nursing homes would love small handmade gifts for their residents. Veteran’s Hospitals would also love to receive gifts for our veterans. What to make?

  • Working as a team, create a lap quilt or knit or crochet lap robes for nursing homes, the homeless or our veterans.
  • Winter hats & scarves work up fast; rent a movie and knit or crochet up a storm. You could even plan a prize for each person that finishes their item that day.
  • Helmet liners for troops; scarves, blankets, hats & socks for troops ~ these would be so appreciated!
  • How about washcloths, baby blankets, chemo caps, etc?

Can you think of more?

Make Gifts In A Jar At Your Holiday Craft Party

4. Plan your craft party activities.

Watching a movie? When or if to eat or have snacks? Discuss a book?

Activities For Your Holiday Craft Party

What fun activities can you plan for your Holiday Craft Party?

Besides just having wonderful time visiting with your friends…how about:

  • Rent a movie – the latest released romantic comedy? A Christmas movie?
  • If you’re going to have food at your craft party, try to eat first so that everyone can have a happy full tummy and clean hands! Try finger sandwiches, a vegetable tray with dip, or holiday cookies!
  • Set it up to where one person shows how to do a craft. For example, teach everyone else how to knit or crochet & have a pattern for something like a washcloth, placemat, etc. that everyone can practice on and maybe even finish during the party.

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