10 Special (Inexpensive) Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 13. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate the special mother in your life, here are 10 inexpensive gift ideas that will make her feel special.

1. Plant her some flowers: While sending flowers through a florist is traditional, planting flowers for her will allow her to enjoy them all year long. Be sure to enlist the help from your children.

2. Write it down: Handwrite your wife or mother a note on something decorative. Just express how special she is to you. Or, do a little research and look for poems written for wives and mothers and hand copy that onto the paper. Frame the note with some dried flowers for a lovely, permanent sentiment.

3. Serve her breakfast in bed: Get the kids to help cook her breakfast. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Be sure to dress it up. Include some of her favorites like flavored coffee or herbal tea. Also, include a cut flower in a small vase or maybe a candle for an elegant touch. Don’t forget to clean the kitchen for her, as well.

4. Pack a picnic: If the weather happens to be nice that day, pack a picnic and take mom and the kids to a favorite park or other fun location.

5. Play tourist: Many tourist attractions offer Mother’s Day discounts. Start researching early to find which attractions are offering deals or have free attendance that day. Some offer free attendance for mom. Purchase the tickets and, so mom doesn’t have to.

6. Take a family photograph: All moms love a family photograph. Dress everyone up and ask a friend or neighbor to take a photograph. The natural light of outdoors is the best light for taking photographs. Find a nice tree or a garden for a background. Once taken, try to print it out and frame it all in the same day, so she has her special gift that day.

7. Give her a favorite book: Whether she loves fiction or non-fiction, a mom who loves to read will love the gift of a new book. To make it extra-special, have each of your children sign and date the inside cover.

8. Clean the house: Give each of the kids a job and clean the house for her on Saturday so she can enjoy her day. It doesn’t have to be deep-cleaned. Just pick-up, vacuum, and dust.

9. Bird feeder and seed: For the mom who loves nature, find a bird feeder and fill it with seed or fill a hummingbird feeder full of nectar. Be sure to hang in a place where she can enjoy watching the birds come to visit every day.

10. Prepare a soothing bath: A candle and some bath oil or bubble bath make excellent gifts for mom. Next, draw the bath for her and give her some quiet time to enjoy.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Be creative and plan ahead to make the mother in your life feel special.

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