Galaxy Gear vs iWatch

Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s first smartwatch, was unveiled on September 4th at IFA 2013 in Berlin, beating the time when Apple plans to launch iWatch. The first batch of Galaxy Gear have six colours to choose: black, gray, light gray,orange, lemon yellow, and white. The current price of the smartwatch has been set at $299. And it debuted on September 25th together with Galaxy Note 3 in more than 140 countries.

Galaxy Gear comes equipped with a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED protected by Sapphire glass watchcase providing 320×320 resolution, and a 1.9 Megapixel BSI Sensor, Auto Focus Camera supporting capturing the low resolution video, or 720P video for 10 seconds. Just roll your wrist to start shooting. The smartwatch utilizes dual microphone active noise reduction technology, and has two microphones on each site, and a speaker embedded in the watchband. It runs on a 800 MHz Dual-core Processer, and gets 4GB Internal memory + 512 MB (RAM). Its fuselage uses the metal shell, and watchband is made of rubber material, looking prime and energetic.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch supports Bluetooth. Once it is paired with smartphone or tablet through NFC and Bluetooth, it gets the ability to inform you of information received such as calls, messages, and emails, and provide message review. And the content can be displayed on both GalaxyGear and Galaxy Note 3 simultaneously via Smart Relay. Besides, it can be enhanced with over 70 featured apps like Glympse, eBay app, Evernote watch app, Line, Path, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Vivino Wine Scanner, and more, which are designed to bring great convenience to your life, and make it full of fun. For example, Evernote watch app makes it easy to remember things by quickly capturing images and memories; Vivino Wine Scanner allows you to take a photo of any wine and get a knowledge of it immediately. And if you lose your GalaxyGear, don’t worry, the Find My Watch app will lead you to find it. You can choose up to 4 apps, and let them showed at once on your screen. Though the new product seems so perfect, it still has some shortcomings. The compatibility of Galaxy Gear is so poor that it can just interact with Note 3 and Note 10.1 for the moment. Approximately 24 hours standby time makes it be a tiresome thing to charge the battery often.

Talking about smartwatch, many people want to see Galaxy Gear vs iWatch. Unfortunately Apple didn’t attend this media meeting. However, convinced Apple is looking for a better time to make iWatch burst into our view. Though all about iWatch is still a mystery, there’re some hearsay and guesswork – iWatch will take Apple’s simple style, and have a curved screen and a rubber strap made of black metal. It will be equipped with a 1.5-inch OLED display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FaceTime, and kinds of tools, and support NFC Pay, identity verification, and more. You can look forward to Apple iWatch, and make a choice between Galaxy Gear and iWatch.

Galaxy Gear has released now. You can bookmark our page to keep pace with its newest promotional information, and we will pay sustained attention to the latest trend of Galaxy Gear and iWatch.

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