Frugal Living: How to Live Better for Less

Frugal living is a way of simplifying our life for the better. This is not about a state of deprivation nor sacrifice on what you need. By living frugally, you are not just saving extra money but also you learn how to create a budget, reduce your debt and make the most of what you have.

I admit that it’s hard to manage our finances especially when we spend more than what we earn and find ourselves covered in a sea of debt. Frugal living is about living better for less, stretching our hard-earned money with style, so we don’t have to sacrifice our luxuries and still have enough to put aside.

8 Simple Tips to Start Living Frugally:

There are so many ways on how to cut down our expenses every day and start to live a debt-free life. But for starters, here are some simple tips on how to start living frugally:

1. Eat Out Less

Just because you want to switch to a frugal life, it doesn’t mean you should not enjoy – just keep your habit in moderation. If you find yourself eating out often because it’s much more fun and a lot easier, then think again. This is a lot more expensive than cooking your own meal and eating at home. Try to make your own coffee and bring a lunch bag whenever possible.

2. Pay Your Bills on Time

Paying your bills on time prevents interests that will consume your budget. You have to be aware of your due date or time for payment so you can have a better idea when and how to pay it. Use only your credit card when it is very important and avoid applying for more. It only increases your chance to pay additional fees someday.

3. Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

If you still have those magazines subscriptions that you don’t really need, it’s now time to cancel them. You can find books and magazines on a local library or use the internet to research for something that you want to know. Even if you say the subscription cost is only minimal, but when you tried to sum it up, you might be surprised how big it adds on your expenses.

4. Stop Your Habit of Impulse Buying

This is the very common mistake we commit every day. When we see something on a shop window that really interests us or on a grocery store that just caught our eyes, we just can’t stop ourselves from buying it then, later on, we haggle on our budget because of overspending. That’s why we need a shopping list to minimize purchasing of things we don’t really need.

5. Shop At Grocery Stores that Offer Budget or Low Prices

Let’s face the fact that we need to eat and do groceries – but a frugal person knows how to stretch that dollar for food and necessities without having to sacrifice the quality of food they bring home. While opting for budget stores, do not forget to use coupons or deals that you have while shopping. Buy things in bulk – those items that you frequently use and try to calculate the difference in quantity and price.

6. Eat a Healthy Meal

Do you always cook or buy expensive meals? You might want to try some healthy and balanced meal like vegetables and fish more often and less meat. A healthy eating lifestyle not only saves you money but is also essential for healthier mind and body of the entire family.

7. Make Your Own Home-made Cleaners

Sometimes, cleaners eat a big portion of our budget. That’s why you need to opt for more natural home-made cleaners to cut your kitchen expenses. Home-made cleaners are also effective as the commercial ones. Baking soda/Lemon or Calamansi is a good tandem in removing stains on your tiles and bathroom sinks.

8. Go Green

Yes, going green is one way how to save money. From recycling to reusing old things to saving energy consumption and reducing carbon footprints, these things not only contribute to helping the environment but also help your family reduce expenses for bills. Going Green is the best way how to live frugally.

Always think before you spend. Ask yourself this question, “Do I really need this?” whenever you shop for things that are not included on your list. Do not be afraid to say no and turn around especially when you’re in doubt and have second thoughts. Frugal living is all about spending smartly while considering your resources allocations for your needs. When you already have the habit of frugality, you’ll be surprised that it’s really possible to save a lot while enjoying your life.

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