5 Best Gas Rewards Credit Cards To Choose From

It is quite possible, especially in case of shopaholics to max out on their credit card while indulging in some care-free shopping. Though shopping offers you great fun, but the large credit card bills are a great turn-off. To make this adverse situation a little favorable, it is advisable to use the credit cards that are designed for shopaholics.

Hence if you’re an avid shopper and at the same time would like to keep a check on your finances while you shop, there are certain things you must keep in mind before opting for a credit card. There are certain cards which might look fancy and appear to have good features for a cardholder but knowing the fine print is a must before applying for the card. Shoppers can go for cards like Citibank Gold Card, Standard Chartered EMI card or a Citibank Silver card. There are many facilities that one can enjoy:

  • No Annual Fee: One might think that the features offered will be less without any annual fee charged on the card but this might hold wrong because there are a lot of credit cards without any annual fee. There might some benefits which will outweigh the annual fee, but for a shopper who is looking for a new credit card, a card without any annual fee should be just fine.
  • Best Cash Back offers and Reward Points: This feature is above all for the shoppers because they get to save money in the process. There are many cards which give 1 to 2 percent cash back after spending an amount on shopping. Citibank Gold Card offer reward points on the shopping amount. These points can later be redeemed in the form of cash or kind. You can even pick the credit card that guarantees miles which can be redeemed when traveling. Or how about the credit card that promises fuel reward points. This is a great motivation to shop.
  • Priority Service: Every provider should have a service system which offers information and service related queries at all time while the customer shops. Viewing the account at any time, paying off the debts, checking the credit card statement are basic facilities which the bank gives the customer. Apart from this, keeping track of all the purchases, reminder about the payment due date as well as new offers should be on the service for the customers.
  • Convenience: Linking the credit card to the bank account and setting up the online transactions should be done at your convenience. The credit cards should offer that option to make paying off debts an easier chore. Hence ease of paying off debt is the main factor while looking for a credit card.
  • Lower interest rates: While it is better to have the credit card balance as zero, there might be situations when you fall back on paying off your debts. In that case, go for cards which have lower interest rates than the ones which have a higher one.

In the end, one can list down their monthly shopping habits and compare it with the best credit card offer available. Reading through the terms and conditions and understanding the card details to fit your spending habits can also help to narrow down on the best credit card.

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