How do you take care of your gold watches?

You have invested in a gold watch some months ago. Do you know how to take care of it? You should not be under the cloud of misconception that since it is a luxury and expensive watch, no regular maintenance is required. Gold watches are made of superior quality gold metal. But when these timepieces are produced other metals like silver and copper are added too. A good regular maintenance would definitely ensure that you enjoy the beauty and functions of the timepieces for a long time. Here are some simple ways you can take care of your gold watches:

How often do you wear your gold watches?

Do you have your grandfather’s vintage Rolex gold timepiece? You would then wear it on special occasions only. Since you do not regularly use the watch, you have to make sure that you wind this beautiful gold watch on a regular basis and send it for services once every six months. But for your regular wear, if you use a Fossil watch from the gold watches collections called “gold tone” you need to take care of it on a daily basis. You need to clean these beautiful watches from any dirt or sweat on a daily basis. This can be done with a soft cloth, before you put it in the case. This good habit would help you to enjoy the timepiece for many years to come.

How do you clean your gold watches?

There are various methods to clean your gold watches. But care should be taken that when you clean them, using any chemical substances, they do not lose their color. Basically there are two methods that are commonly used:

The warm soapy method: In this simple process, you take ½ a cup of warm water and add a spoon of mild detergent to the solution. Now immerse the soft cloth into the warm soapy solution and squeeze out the excess water absorbed. Now take the wet cloth and lightly wipe the areas of your gold watches with it. Do not submerge the gold watch in the warm soapy solution, as it would lead to complications later. If there is dirt present in the watch band, you can gently scrub away the persistent dirt. Once the watch is clean to your satisfaction, wipe it dry. You can either blow dry or leave your gold watch to dry naturally.

The Ammonia solution cleaning method: Here you make the ammonia solution to clean your gold watches by using six parts of normal water and one part of ammonia solution. Now dissolve both the substances in a cup well. Dip a small corner part of the small cloth into the ammonia solution. Now wipe all areas of your gold timepiece carefully. Once done, take another soft cloth and wipe it clean. Your cleaned gold watches would be now sparkling like sunshine.

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