A Must Have Baseball Training Program

Attention all ballplayers, let me introduce you to a must have baseball training program. Being a ballplayer myself i’m always trying to get and edge on other players be being prepared off the field as well as on the field. I would like you to meet a gentleman by the name of Jeff Cavaliere. He is a major league physical therapist and strength coach. As ballplayers we have been thru countless hitting, fielding, and running drills, but that is only half the game. The other half is where this program will help with the off the field preparation. Such as strength and conditioning workouts, speed exercises, and agility workouts to mention a few. This is only part of the reason this is a must have baseball training program. Jeff has worked with the likes of David Wright and Johan Santana who yes by the way use this program. David Wright and Johan Santana if you don’t know play for the New York Mets and are major league all-stars.

Jeff’s program will teach you step by step how to train for baseball from those on the inside of the game. For instance there are 4 simple drills you will learn to improve your jump and running speed on the basepaths to help reduce your chances of getting caught stealing. Also you will learn 2 simple steps to protect your arm now to help prevent arm problems down the road. David Wright explains how he uses this program to stay in shape in the offseason. I don’t think he would put his name on it if it wasn’t a must have baseball training program. If your a pitcher he will show you 4 exercises that will increase your velocity. Jeff also goes into stretching and flexibility and when to do each thing. Plus there are hitting tips and techniques that will have you crushing the ball. As well as going into nutrition and supplements as to what to eat and when to eat things.

As i write this article today i will tell you there isn’t a better product on the market to excel at the greatest game out there as backed by the pro’s that use it. I can’t say enough good things about it other than it is a must have baseball training program.

We will see you on the diamonds!

Thanks for reading.

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