How To Save On Buying Flower Arrangements

Just like when playing cards, don’t show all your cards when shopping for florists. A few tips that I think will be your best bet at saving money when shopping for flowers:

1) Don’t bring your mom on your first trip to price the florist. Florist will assume that your parent are paying for the flowers and will show your more expensive arrangements.

2) Don’t wear your bling bling engagement ring; be discreet if you are willing to spend a large part of your budget on flowers.

3) Borrow your friend’s oldest cars (and I’m not talking about the 1965 Mustang…) to drive to the florist. I read in Bridal Bargains a story of a woman who was shopping for flowers with her florist as another bride pulled her Mercedes into the parking lot. The florists got excited at the sight of an expensive car and started to immediately talk about how they could charge her more!!

4) Tell the florist that you are hosting a retirement party or a family reunion to get the best deals on centerpieces. As soon as you say ‘wedding’ the dollar signs flash before their eyes. Although I don’t recommend trying this tip when shopping for bouquets. I’d be a bit worried if your florist believes the retiree is carrying 24 ‘Black Magic’ roses as she enters the party!

5) I think one of the best tips when shopping for flowers is to be flexible. If you are getting married in November, don’t insist on tulips and hydrangeas; be comfortable with suggestions of camellias and narcissus. A great tool is “Wedding Flowers in Season,” it lists all the flowers in season and also those flowers that are available year round.

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