Tips to Save on Wedding Cakes

One important item that is definitely on the wedding budget list is the wedding cake. It certainly has a price that varies in model and size. Sometimes there are large and multilevel sizes, some are small, practical, minimalist. Usually adjusted to the wishes or existing budget.

Because holding a wedding has costs that are not small, here we have some tips in order to save your wedding budget, especially in the case of wedding cakes.

Order A Smaller Fancier Cake

It can be used for the cake cutting ceremony and is on display during the reception. Then serve your guests after the cake cutting ceremony the smaller cake and from sheet cakes made from the same recipe.

Use Dummy Cake Layers.

This has often been used in various bridal occasions because it is cheaper and easier to decorate as the bride wishes They are layers that are decorated as your cake but are used just to make the cake look taller and larger. Also you can use real flowers to decorate the cake. Not only are they more beautiful than sugar flowers,but they are also much less expensive. Just make sure your guests don’t try to eat them.

A Square-Shaped Cake

They provide more pieces than a round one. Don’t forget to prepare a smaller cake and supplement dessert with multiple types of cakes and desserts. After cutting the cake, place the wedding cake on the dessert table surrounded by lots of other choices. This way, all your guests will have a choice of what type of dessert they would like to eat..

Order From A Wedding Cake Specialist Shop

Preparing a wedding reception is something that will take up a lot of your energy and mind. Using the services of a specialist wedding cake maker will help you and your partner be better prepared for other important things. You can also borrow a friend or family member’s cake topper. Don’t feel shy about asking; just remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This can also be counted towards your “Something borrowed, something blue”!

Take into account the season in which you’re getting married.

If you have an outdoor summer wedding, keep your cake as cold as possible because the heat may cause the cake to melt! Any additional care needed for your cake can add to your overall costs at your reception site. Eat cake that you enjoy, just because its cheaper doesn’t mean that you have to get it. You can afford to get the cake that you really love, just remember some of the above tips to keep it within your budget!

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