Thinking of starting a web business?

It can not be deny that in this new era of technology, it influence every aspect in our lives. Every situation such as social, politics, and economic. Lots of people are going through some tough economic times. That’s the understatement of the decade! But the silver lining of this cloud is that tough economic times usually gives birth to innovation.

How I Start Web Business

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Over the years, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about how I started my web business and for general advice. But since these times have hit, I bet those requests have increased 10 fold! And that’s a good thing! We’re thinking!

I just answered an email with a lot of the usual questions. So I decided to share my response here, in hopes that if anyone is thinking of getting something off the ground, this may shed some light on the subject.

If you have money to burn, you can do it better. But for me, in the beginning, it was just “fly by the seat of my pants”. And probably still is!

As you read this, please realize that I’m not techy, or software savvy. I didn’t even know how to do email and had never been on the internet when I built my own first website almost 5 years ago. So this will sound juvenile to a web developer. But this is how I understand it in my little brain…

I built my own first website, and had no custom software. Growing out of our platform was the problem that we had after about 6 months. I was using shared application software running on a host site. It started crashing when I got too many members. But it got me started on a shoestring. Which is actually a good visual… Picture me with one shoestring with both feet tied together and trying to walk!

Have Your Own Server

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I knew I needed a better platform. So I reinvested everything I was making so that I could lease better software, and switched to a more robust host. Neither one of those companies exists anymore. In fact, the first one went under overnight and disappeared along with all my data. Poof! In my mind, it was floating out there somewhere in cyberspace, and I wished I could capture it with a space shuttle, and re-attach it to the mother ship. Seriously. That’s about all I knew. Fortunately, I had everything backed up on my computer to rebuild. So…

Backup, backup, backup! Never trust a server that is not your own. And even then, now that we’re on our own servers, (12 of them I think now all load balanced), our web developer backs up everything on a schedule, and in more than one geographic location.

For the last 8+ years, we’ve been on our own servers and custom software. Millions of dollars in software and web development. And it’s an on-going full time work in progress, keeping up with new developments of ours and updated everyday to accomodate changes to the web, and better technology. So it’s all been dynamic for some time, and our web developers work full time for us to keep us rolling smooth and safe.

I hope that helps someone. “Now” is as good a time as ever. Just DO it!

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