Disposable Camera Favors vs. Professional Photographer – Wedding Photography

I know hiring a professional photographer will add a special budget for your wedding. But you have to think about the results you get if you use their services, at least you think that you want your wedding photos to be seen until your children and grandchildren.

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I read a tip about putting disposable cameras, around two, on each of the dinner tables in lieu of hiring a professional photographer and I have to say that’s a ridiculous way to save money. Putting disposable cameras on each of the tables and having your guests take action shots is a great way to augment professionally taken photographs but it certainly isn’t a replacement, unless you really don’t care about photos at the reception (then it’s a perfectly good idea!).

Here are several reasons why a disposable camera is a bad idea (when used to replace a professional photographer):

Camera Use Will Be Low

It’s likely no one has done any studies but the number of photos actually taken with the disposable camera probably won’t be particularly high. It certainly won’t be 100% and if photos of the reception are important to you then it certainly would be too big of a risk to take, don’t you think?

Photo Quality Will Be Low

Unless you discover super high quality digital disposable cameras (at which point you’re no longer really saving much money anyway), the photo quality will be low.

You Won’t Have Digital Copies Too

Chances are a professional photographer will take the photos digitally and your disposable cameras won’t.

Now, disposable cameras as a means of augmenting a professional photographer is a great idea because you can get so many more candid shots. A professional photographer can only take one photo at a time but an army of your closest friends, after they’ve been drinking heavily, can take a whole slew of photos!

Where should you go to buy disposable cameras? I personally would recommend eBay if you’re looking to save some money and willing to sacrifice on film quality.

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