Department Store Divas Defecting to Drugstores

Beauty products remain the target of women before the close of 2019. However, there are two celebrations this coming December, Christmas on the 25th and the Close and Open Year Celebration which is usually held every December 31 at midnight before the coming of the new year.

Starting near the end of 2019, department stores’ cosmetic sales were beginning to show decline. Meanwhile, drugstore cosmetic sales began to rise, and have continued to do so.

Great Values From Drugstore

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With so many great values on cosmetics and other health & beauty products in drugstores and supermarkets, I wonder how many will go back to paying more, once this economic crisis recovers. After all, lots of women are discovering that they can save half or more on comparable cosmetic purchases buying different brands at their local drugstore. Even better, Impactloud know that with stacking deals of sale with manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and register rewards, alot of cosmetics can be “bought” for 75% or more, and often times even free! After all, I have three of my favorite Maybelline lip glosses ($9 value) in my purse, that were all free!

I’ve had a number of press interviews on this growing trend. Not to blow the cover on some magazine and newspaper articles coming out, I thought I would just share a snippet of my favorite substitutions.

Shhh…. Yes, I’m giving away a few LIST deals here. But there’s about 10 times more health and beauty deals this week in the national drugstore LISTs.

I like:

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Victoria Secrets Lip Gloss $7.50/ Bath & Body Works Liplicious

Substitute: Cover Girl Wetslicks or Lipslicks ($6 / S&C $1.49 this week CVS)

I can’t tell the difference in these lip glosses. And would rather pay $1.49 at CVS with sale and coupon, etc.

Mac foundation $30 and up

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Substitute: L’Oreal True Match ($11 / S&C 4.99 this week Walgreens)

Most studio makeup artists use Mac. Admittedly, Mac probably holds up better on camera. But I feel smothered in it. And I usually seem to break out. When I do my own makeup for local TV, I use L’Oreal True Match.

Shiseido moisturizer $50

Substitute: Oil of Olay (S&C $15 plus get free body wash this week Walgreens)

Awhile back, I got talked into buying the Shiseido Benefiance for day wear. Expensive!  And honestly, I cannot tell the difference between that and Oil of Olay. I’m sure there must be a difference, for that price!

Pricey Mascara


Substitute: L’Oreal (S&C $2.49 this week Walgreens) or Maybelline

For years, Mac loving makeup artists have pulled out Maybelline or L’Oreal to put on my lashes. I recently bought a Maybelline mascara on my supermarket LIST for about $2. And I really like it!

Mineral based foundation and powders, like Sephora

Substitute: Neutrogena, Maybelline ($9-$14 regular price at drugstores and supermarkets)

These are two brands that offer mineral base within their line. We get these on sale with coupons for about $2-$5 final price.

Skin calming lotion for after waxing

Substitute: drugstore brand hydrocortisone cream

In my home town, our #1 European Skincare spa uses Jane Iredale, and nothing but the best high end, and freshly made products. However, after facial waxing, they cleanse, and then apply a drugstore brand hydrocortisone cream. I rarely break out, and I get almost no redness. I recently invested in a professional waxing system for $89 on sale at a beauty supply. I’m doing my own now, and with the hydrocortisone cream, all is well, and the wax system has paid for itself.

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