Tipping On The Wedding Day

In this article, there are some general calculations for tips that you can give to people who work with you on your wedding day. This can be a standard measure for giving your tip to them.

Even though everyone working with you on your wedding day will have been paid before they showed up, you’ll still have to tip them. So, how do you know how much to tip the photographer? Or the officiant? How about the parking attendants and the bartender (if you have a bar)? The rule of thumb of 20% just won’t cut it so here’s how you should approach it.

Wedding Coordinator

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No tip is expected, but you can send them a thank you card or some other small gift.


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It is about $100 – $200, given by the best man.

Transportation (Bus, Limo)

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The range is 15-20%. Check that a gratuity isn’t already included.

Parking Attendants, Valets

About $1 per vehicle, given to the supervisor beforehand. Be sure to inform your guests that gratuities were already provided.

Coatroom & Restroom Attendants

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Approximately $0.50 – $1.00 per guest. Check that a gratuity isn’t already included.


$20.00-25.00, but no tip is expected.

Photographer & Videographer

$20.00-25.00, but no tip is expected.

Banquet Manager or Maitre D’

$200-$300, but check that a service charge or gratuity is not already included.

Caterer & Waitstaff

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This only applies if the catering isn’t offered by the reception hall you’re in. Consider how many waitstaff you have and calculate a tip that way, then throw a little extra to the catering manager.


10% of the final bill, be sure to check that a gratuity is not already included.

You Won’t Need To Tip… the business owners of the services you provide, the florist, the baker, the bridal shop, invitation or party rental companies.

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