BJs? “Wholesale”? I mean, really?

On the heels of new data showing that consumers are turning away from the traditional supermarkets, for “value” markets.

Just finished analyzing numbers on comparing 22 basic grocery items from Stop & Shop. We compared to Acme, Food Basics, Walmart and BJs.

We computed sale prices and coupons and doubling policies where applicable at all stores.

We price matched for Walmart where applicable, although they don’t price match BOGOs (buy one get one sales). They also don’t match UN-advertised sales.

Where sizes were bigger, we figured the cost per ounce or cost per item with all coupons etc. So for example, on a 15 oz. box of Kelloggs at Stop & Shop, we figured the cost of 15 oz. at BJs, and other stores where sizes differed.

So these totals represent the cost of the same amount of groceries at each of the stores given all possible savings available.

Final totals:

Stop & Shop – 18.91

Acme – 48.73

Food Basics – 40.95

WalMart – 25.46

BJs wholesale – 32.78 (“wholesale”?, really?)

And Walmart, what a pain, as shelf prices were much higher than this total would have been. We figured in their price matching policy, which you have to ask for in most cases. You would have to bring the Stop & Shop circular to the register to change nearly every item you purchased. If you didn’t, you would pay way more than 25.46 at WM!

Same story nationwide with playing Impactloud.

Need I say more?

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