Dealing With Children During Home Stay Because of Covid 19

Parents in almost all over the world now enjoy their time together with their children at home during the Covid 19 pandemic. Social Distancing which is implemented in almost all countries in the world is one of the efforts to prevent the spread of this virus. Parents who usually work outside the home and children who normally attend school must stay at home for an undetermined period of time.

Some parents may feel overwhelmed because they have to take care of children and work at the same time. For parents whose children are still infants and toddlers need extra work for this. Dealing with bored children can also be stressful for parents if they don’t know how to handle them. Here are some activities with children that can be done during this global pandemic.

Activities for Infants and Toddlers

Tickling children in bed and playing your face with your baby is one way to play with them. Besides playing flap your hands and open your hands can be a classic game that still makes the baby can laugh happily.

Games with toddlers are very good when using their body muscles because they like everything that makes their bodies move. At the age of 1 year and over and they are already actively running, is a very curious age. They will love the game of hide and seek, chasing with you or playing piggybacking is one of their favorite classic games.

Activities for School Age Children

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Children of this age have developed thoughts and treatments towards them. Of course they cannot be compared to infants and toddlers. Pay attention to the direction of their teacher during the study period from this home and help them learn and do their assignments. Invite them to join in cleaning and tidying their own rooms.

Activities with Teenagers

This is the most risky time for parents. The period of change from children to adolescents is not an easy time. Parents really need to guide them without feeling judged. Staying with them during this time is the best time to get closer to them. Even though in their teens they tend to stay away and find their own world, parents can still maintain a close relationship with them. Make sure children whose age tends to lock themselves in their room and only with their friends get the attention they should receive.

Invite them to clean the house together or clean their rooms. Parents need to approach them as a friend. You can invite your child to talk about things they like or start with something light.

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