What Should You Do During Quarantine

This is a simple question but today people still ask it, seems no activity or something you can do at your house for 24 hours. In fact, all work and study begin at home. For parents, study at home begin since they had a baby. Mothers start to teach their children how to say a word, to smile for the first time, to eat, to do all things for the first time for the baby begin at their house.

For adult and young adult, they will learn the basic of work or study when they are at home cleaning, washing, cooking, will never be the same. So what should you do at home? Here are some :

Cleaning and Cleaning

You can do it anytime. 24 hours you have means you can do it anytime you want. You don’t need to schedule but you can try it. If you think that can help you can manage time and be used to prepare when the pandemic end. You can start clean your bedroom because you spend your whole night and maybe some hours a day in there. It will be more important if you have kids there or baby. You can stock some hygiene products to help you clean.

Scheduled Your Activities Just As Usual

Do your routine just as is in not pandemic. Wake up in the morning, do exercise for a little while, take a bath, have your breakfast, and work. Although you are at home, do your routine as usual. It can help you to still productive even though you are still at home along day for months.

Do Your Hobby

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Quarantine at home will give you a lot of extra time to do your hobby. Maybe for daily it was so hard to do it before the quarantine begin, but now you have many extra time to do it anytime at your house. If you love to dance, you can do it daily whenever you can. If you love to watch movie, congratulations for you!

Learn Something New

This is the good time to learn something new. Maybe it has been delayed for long time because you are busy and have no time to do it, but now at your house you can start it anytime during quarantine. You can get sources from internet such as Youtube if you want to learn it. Learn something new will give you positive vibe that will help you to enjoy the quarantine and it will boost your immune system.

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