How Long You Should Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeed mothers will concern about this if their babies get 2 years old already. Some countries especially in development countries has suggested to breastfeed the baby until 2 years old. The problem will complicated to mothers who work and has to leave their babies when they are work. Maternity leave only give by the company for 3 months and they have to find the way to keep the baby feed by their breast milk. They will use pump and save it in their refrigerator and will be need to warm it again before give it to the baby.

Breastfeeding is a struggle almost for every mother if it come to stop it. But, when is it need to stop it? Here are some thoughts :

When Your Baby Hit 2 Years Old

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World Health Organization (WHO) recommend to breastfeed the baby exclusively for 6 months then continue it until 2 years old with as a complementary. Food will be give when baby 6 months old and still breast milk as a complementary until 2 years old. It can be a guide to you but still it is optional because the first 6 months is a mandatory to give your baby the best food for the 6 months early their life and after that you can choose to continue give your baby breast milk or stop it.

Breastfeeding is A Baby Stage Development Age

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It means, your baby still need your breast milk although they had been pass exclusive 6 months first in their live. They will have lower risk of Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes, and some varian of cancer. For mothers, it will help you to decrease your weight gain during pregnancy and help mothers to prevent overis and breast cancer.

Your Baby And You Has Ready

If you already prepared to stop breastfeed, you can see your baby can stop breast feed if :

  • There is no significant weight gain of your baby
  • You get sick that contagious
  • Your baby does not feed up full but they are restless
  • They pass the excluse 6 months breastfeed

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