DIY : Face Shield

Even though the face shielding system is still being debated whether it is effective enough to prevent the Corona virus, Mica from plastic bottles can be used as material for making face shields. Although it is not 100% effective at a minimum you are sufficiently protected from exposure to the virus when you have to leave the house.

According to Shan Soe Lin, a lecturer in global affairs at Yale University in New Heaven, Connecticut and trained immunologists told Today, the face shield is not required to be worn by the general public because it only protects / blocks gar droplets not on the face, but cannot filter the air .

However, a senior scholar at the John Hopkins University Center for Health Care in Baltimore, Maryland who is engaged in infectious diseases and his readiness to deal with a pandemic says that face shiled or mica facial protective plastic can help for a while as experts work to determine the effectiveness of fabric masks.

How To Make Face Shield

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Here’s how to make your own face shield from used soda bottles quoted from Youtube of Wachusett Mountain.

  • Prepare used plastic bottles, scissors, cutter, string or tape for binding and silicone trip.
  • Cut the back of a plastic bottle with a cutter
  • Do the same thing on the front of the plastic bottle
  • Look for the usual number printed on the center of the plastic soda bottle
  • If you have found it, cut the plastic bottle in the number section so that it can be expanded. Afterwards cut and trim the entire height of the plastic so as not to sharp and hurt you when used.
  • Stick the silicone strip on the top to protect your forehead when you wear it. Connect the ends of the left and right sides to place the strap / ribbon
  • Insert the rope and finish. You can use it now.

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