What Bill Gates Recommended For Covid-19

Maybe Bill Gates is not a person in the medical field or an expert in medical matters, but he is quite experienced and plays an active role in philanthropy and his wife Melinda Gates in handling cases of malaria in the world. In 2015, Bill appeared on Ted Talk and predicted that the danger of a pandemic would occur and the world would not be ready because globalization could easily spread as well as disease.

The rate of the world community who easily travel from one place to another can cause an illness will easily spread. The virus will easily spread from one country to another. Therefore, Gates suggested taking several steps to deal with this Covid 19 outbreak.


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According to Gates, effective treatment against the Corona virus is needed by the world community. The goal is for the community to feel safe when in public meetings such as attending seminars, watching concerts, soccer matches. He pointed to the use of blood plasma or antibodies and anti-virus and hydroxy qloroquein.


When asked when this pandemic will end, Bill Gates predicted it until the fall of 2021. According to him, until the vaccine was discovered, then the Covid-19 outbreak could end. the vaccine manufacturing process requires the fastest time of 9 to 18 months and if there are obstacles it can be even longer.

Tracing Record / Contact Tracking

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Every Covid-19 patient has to know the latest contact data with anyone and they must be quarantined. this is a way to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Gates praised Germany for conducting the interview and made a tracking database of those who had contact with positive patients of Covid-19.

Testing and Testing

Gates suggested that more health workers have access to the Covid-19 test, meaning that the testing of Covid 19 is better. It also requires a test that can provide test results within one day.

Opening of the Economy Again

Most developed countries will enter the first phase of a pandemic. The second phase of the pandemic in the next 2 months. According to him, countries that had just entered the early stages had to learn from other countries that had Covid-19 earlier to quickly find out when the right time was to reopen the economy.

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