Make Your House Become Homey During Quarantine

Staying at home during the Covid-19 outbreak could be the main reason you make you feel at home. If you, before quarantine too busy to look at your house, now is the right time to maintain it and make it homey to you. Your house needs to be relaxed and cozy to live in because you will live in there 24 hours for weeks or months. So here are some tips so you can enjoy living in your house during the quarantine.

Make Your Bed

This is the most important part of your house. Your bedroom especially your bed will the place you will stay and rest for hours. Maybe, you will spend your time more in there during this quarantine. You can start with change your cushion. Make your pile of cushions higher. It will make your sleep better and fresh look.  If it needs you can make a little change in your bed linen make it more comfortable for you. A night of good sleep will boost your immune system.

Watch For Unloved Spaces For The Better

Maybe you need a colorful painting in that space so looks more interesting to you. When you make it different than before so you will more comfortable to just take a look or make it your new place to work from home. Add a table, a chair, place your favorite flower, or an antique lamp there, make something based on your imagination in that place.

Put Some New Flowers or Plants In Your Vase

If you don’t get a new vase, some new flowers or plants in your old vase will make your indoor house look fresher. Put the vase with new flowers in your living room, kitchen, or in your bedroom. You will feel fresher when you wake up and see the fresh flower. Don’t forget to put it in your new love space. If you have an active toddler, put it higher so they will not grab it. Just try to make your new love space more comfortable and fresher by the new flower or plants in your vase. You can also add a simple couch that you can put in your new space and put a new blanket so it will look cozier.

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