What You Need To Do If Your Kitchen Equipment Is Damaged During Quarantine

During the current quarantine period at home, you have more time at home than ever before. This can mean a lot of activities that you do at home, even more than before quarantine. If before quarantine you usually eat lunch outside, now you cook yourself home for every day during the quarantine.

Maybe you also order delivery once in a while, but not every day. More kitchen activity than ever before can result in your kitchen utensils being damaged due to frequent use. There are 2 solutions if it happens to your kitchen. Buy new one or repair it.

Repair The Utensils

Courtesy : kitchenaid.com

If this is the choice you make, trying with clean the utensils. Deep clean your utensils that means you make sure to clean surface, inside, behind and underneath to remove dirt, cook-on or sunk in gunk. Use soapy water, vinegar, or kitchen cleaner to wipe down every surface of the appliances.

After deep cleaning all the appliances, you maybe think to disinfect every surfaces in your kitchen. Kitchen worktop, dining table, door handle, coffee table, refrigerator, sinks, toilet bowls, every surfaces in your kitchen you need to disinfect it all. It will help you to keep it from germs.

Buying New Appliance

The second choice for damaged appliances is to buy a new one. Because of this quarantine time, it is better for you to open the online stores from home than to go out to the stores. Online stores now have reviews from customer who had bought something from the stores to help you choose the right new appliance. Besides, you can get extra discount if you buy online.

Most online stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, LG, and GE Appliances, and many more now work together with websites that offer coupons and deals that will help them to get more customers. The websites help them to promote to the new customers or existing customers to get what they want at a lower price. Some of the websites you can visit to get the online coupon are Couponvario.com, Coupons.com, etc.

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