Sweden Incorrectly Implements Herd Community

Since the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic has plagued the rest of the world, almost all countries in the world have implemented a lockdown to curb the spread of the virus that has no cure yet. The virus that can only be fought with the body’s immunity is still endemic today and has infected millions of people around the world with a fairly high mortality rate. However, one of the countries in Europe, Sweden does not apply lockdown or social restrictions in the country. The local government only appealed for residents to do social distancing, not to visit nursing homes or social care for the elderly, to wash their hands, but not to ask them to stay at home.

Why Does Sweden Not Lockdown?

The local government wants its citizens to realize themselves without having to make restrictions. The Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven in an interview said,
“We, adults, must really be adults. Don’t spread panic or rumors.” He added, “No one will be alone in this crisis, but every individual has a heavy responsibility.”

Swedish citizens trust every policy made by their Government. That trend emerged in a national survey conducted by Novus, a polling firm in Sweden. The survey results stated that the majority of its citizens agreed with the prime minister’s statement. There is a high level of trust by the Swedish people in their government. That is what is believed to encourage them to voluntarily carry out the recommendations of authority.

Another factor is that demographics in Sweden are different from other Mediterranean countries where almost half in one household consists of several generations of age, more than half of households in Sweden consist of only one person. That fact reduces the spread of the corona virus among family members. Another reason is that Swedish citizens love outdoor activities so the government does not want them to be restricted, which will make them mentally unwell because they limit their favorite activities.

Result of No Lock down

Many speculations think that the local government wants to implement the Herd Community system. However, the authorities denied herd immunity as their goal. Herd immunity is achieved when the majority of the population, which is 70-90 percent, becomes immune to infectious diseases, either because they have been infected and recovered, or through vaccination. Epidemiologist Karolinska Institute, Emma Frans, said Sweden’s response was very bad, when many other European countries chose some degree of closure.

Until now, the percentage of people with antibodies in Sweden is not much different from other countries who decide to lock or lockdown. To date, Sweden has recorded 32,809 cases of corona virus with 3,925 deaths and 4,971 patients who have been cured.

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