New Normal Life Around The World

There are many countries in the world that begin to open the lockdown slowly, but still keep a distance, wear personal protection or masks, and diligently wash their hands. After opening the lockdown, governments from various countries in the world now impose New Normal life on their people. New Normal Life is the application of rules still wearing masks and keeping a distance and washing hands have been applied in public places. In the following you will see in 3 countries the life of New Normal.


Reporting from CNN, German society is among the countries that are implementing new normal in the middle of the Corona pandemic. Uniquely, many creative ways are made to still comply with health protocols.
Cafe Rothe, Schwerin, a city in Germany, requires restaurant visitors to wear colorful hats from swimming buoys. Instead of using social distancing markers that are usually posted on the floor or seat, this unique method is considered more effective as well as fun to live a new normal about maintaining distance.

South Korea

A South Korean citizen uploaded his experience on a YouTube account about health protocols in his country during this pandemic. When Jess Byun returned to South Korea from England (where she was studying for postgraduate studies at University College London) she was taken on a government-arranged bus to a resort. There, he waited for five hours while the cleaning staff disinfected his room. The process also includes leaving the room for three hours after cleaning. Byun was then taken to a tent outside where he has tested corona. The next day, after being declared negative, he was sent home and asked to do independent isolation for 14 days. South Korea is one of the countries that does not use a lockdown system for its country but in the form of social restrictions that have only been implemented since March 2020 until May 6, 2020, and then loosened.


Unique ways also occur in the Philippines. One of them is students who graduated from technology school in graduation in a virtual way. Use a replacement robot but their heads are used by tablets which are replaced by video images of the graduated students. In addition, Philippine designers also do not hold fashion shows directly but through virtual means.
Filipino designer Rajo Laurel explains how the fashion industry is adapting to the Corona pandemic. No longer present at the live event, the new normal fashion industry in the Philippines is doing a virtual fashion show.
“You know, life has to go on and we still have to work and we still need to reach people,” Laurel said in an interview with Newsroom Weekend on Sunday, quoted by CNN Philippines.

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