A Review Of Samsung S10 Lite

Samsung released 2 new types of mobile phones in February 2020. There are Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. The word “Lite” is behind this type of phone to give the impression this phone has a flagship feature but with a cheaper price of around $ 200. We will see some advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite.

Prices are sold on Amazon for $ 489.00 for 128GB of memory with 6GB of RAM. Ebay sells the Samsung S10 Lite 128GB / 8GB RAM for $ 789.00. Get more savings with online code coupons on the Couponvario website. Next you will see the advantages and disadvantages of this phone to be your consideration if you want to buy this phone.

The advantages of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

High Quality Snapdragon 855 Chipset

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is equipped with Snapdragon 855 chipset. Snapdragon 855 is a high-end chipset that is widely used by high-end mobile phones in 2019. As a top-class chipset, obviously the performance of this chipset is also classy. Just look at the picture below.

Long Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is equipped with a 4,500 mAh battery capacity. The capacity is certainly quite large. With this large battery, the Galaxy 10 Lite managed to record an endurance rating of 110h on tests conducted by GSMArena. GSMArena itself even claims, if the battery life of this phone is even better than the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. While the PhoneArena site says if the battery life can last up to two days with average use. With heavy use, the battery can last all day.

Relatively Fast Charging

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is equipped with a 45W fast battery charging feature. With this feature, charging this cellphone becomes faster and makes this phone competitive in its price class. As stated by GSMArena, if this phone can be filled up to 63% in just 30 minutes and this is a good thing.
 AMOLED HDR10 + screen

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is equipped with a 6.7 inch screen. This screen offers a resolution of 1080 x 2400 with a ratio of 20: 9. The screen itself already uses the Super AMOLED panel and supports the always-on display feature. The Super AMOLED screen on the phone itself is really good. PhoneArena for example praised the beautiful Super AMOLED panel display and its quality as can be seen on Samsung phones with Super AMOLED panels. While the Smartprix site praises the appearance of this mobile screen that comes with bright colors and deep black. With the concept of “Infinity-O Display”, the screen on this phone is quite interesting. Moreover, this mobile screen has an HDR10 + certificate.

Fast and accurate under-display fingerprint

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite comes with a fingerprint sensor on the screen (under-display fingerprint), similar to the Galaxy S10 series. The difference is, the Galaxy S10 Lite comes with an optical fingerprint sensor while the Galaxy S10 series offers an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.
According to GSMArena, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner cannot provide an exceptional user experience. Plus, this technology has all kinds of problems with screen protectors. Therefore, the use of optical fingerprint sensors on mobile phones is highly appreciated.

Good camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite comes with three cameras. The three cameras are the main 48 MP camera, 12 MP ultra-wide camera, and 5 MP macro camera. GSMArena itself praised the photo quality of this phone. The photo quality from the main camera, from the ultra-wide camera, and from the macro camera is quite good. In addition, for low-light photo modes, the results are quite good. Unfortunately, for night mode, the results are not so good. Interestingly, if you use the night mode on an ultra-wide camera, the results are even better than the night mode on the main camera.

The Lack of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

After knowing the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, then let us know the shortcomings of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. What are the shortcomings of this Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite? Just consider the following points immediately.

Mono Speaker

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite apparently only offers one speaker at the bottom. That means, the Galaxy S10 Lite does not offer stereo speakers. This makes the sound quality that comes out of this phone less kicky than the stereo speakers from the Galaxy S10 series family.

There is no 3.5 mm Audio Jack

Another unfortunate thing about this phone is the absence of a 3.5 mm audio jack. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S10 family still offers a 3.5 mm audio jack. Of course for some people, this can be its own shortcomings.

Does not Support Wireless Charging

This might not be too disturbing for some people who don’t like traveling, if you like traveling you can consider a cellphone that can be wireless charging.

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