Hair Color Style 2020

Every year there is a hair color trend that is a favorite of people who want to look different from the previous year. There are some people who like to change their hair color, especially from celebrities. The first chance they did get was the first time considering their stylish hair often changes the hair color of the celebrities of the world to show colors that will become a trend every year.

Here are some hair colors that became a trend in 2020 and are quoted from various sources.

1. 90’s Chunky Highlight

This hair color trend never hit in the 90s. World celebrities such as Beyonce, Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner to Ivanka Trump also helped to popularize this two-tone style hair trend. But unlike the original version, the trend of chunky highlights in 2020 has a modern touch by playing more gradations so that the highlight colors look more unified rather than looking striped like zebra skin.

2. Jet Black

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Giving the impression of sparkling and elegant, jet black colored hair trends aka jet black suitable for you who want to look more classy and mature. I was so thick, this hair color seemed to have a navy hint that further added to the impression of elegance.

Besides being attractive when combined with the wavy beach hairstyle, this color is also the right choice to get a glass hair look that is identical to the impression of being straight, smooth, and shiny.

3. Silver

Silver or gray hair color has indeed been favored in recent years. In 2020, this hair color is predicted to be a trend, especially among young people who like to appear eccentric.

For owners of tanned skin like most Indonesian people, silver hair color with hints approaching white is the right choice. However, caution is needed to place this color so that the hair does not look gray instead, ladies.

4. Paneled Pastel

Hair color with shades of two-tone seems to be on the rise. In addition to hairstyles with chunky highlights in the style of the 90s, paneled pastel-themed hair is equally trendy in 2020. This hairstyle combines pastel color and natural hair color with overlapping so that you can only see hair color on the inside when hair is tied or parted.

5. Red Shades

From strawberry blonde to red wine, hair color with red shades is no less fun for you to try. You can look chic with a soft strawberry blonde and rose gold hair color, or you can also choose a firmer color like auburn or even red wine.

6. Dark Honey-Blonde Hair

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If you don’t like hair colors that are too flashy, you can try this one color. The good news, It’s stunning against any skin tone, whatever your skin color. In addition, this hair color is suitable in all seasons.

7. Lilac Hair

This one is a color that has been trending from the previous year, but still, this light purple color remains to be one of the favorite colors in 2020. It’s just that you have to treat your hair once a week with a hair mask to neutralize any brassy tones.

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