You Can Work From Anywhere Since New Normal Happening

This era of the Covid-19 pandemic forces everyone globally to make changes in every way of life. It is included in the workplace. Many CEOs think about the New Standards of Work in this pandemic. New Normal life today will change in many ways. At the workplace, social distancing will be applied. It will be made some employees can work from any place outside the office. Several large companies in the world have adopted this work pattern.

Business Base On Internet Extended Work From Home

Since work from home is implemented, many people and companies also realize that they are able to work without always coming to the office. Some will continue this way, including Twitter, Facebook, Google, to New Zealand.

One form of ‘new normal’ after the Corona pandemic was spearheaded by large technology companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg recently told staff that the new work system began in July. Mark plans half of his employees can work from outside the office five to 10 years into the future.

Previously Twitter was the first social media company to announce that they would work from outside as ‘the new normal’. CEO Jack Dorsey e-mailed employees that the company would start reopening the office but allow those who could work from outside to continue.

“We try to be wise with how we approach because we are the first company to move to the work from home model. We will continue that way and we will continue to prioritize the safety of our people and communities,” Jack said.

Video, Email and Chat Application Using For Work

Now it is easier to work from home or in other places because of technological sophistication. In addition to email and chat applications, workers can also communicate via video calls. Especially after the Corona pandemic, many people have become accustomed to collaborating remotely, especially in fact this method is considered equally effective and efficient.

“As we begin to return to the workplace and look for ‘new normal’, working with alternative patterns will also reduce traffic jams and implement social distancing. COVID has made companies move away from the traditional mind that productivity depends on hours in the office, “HRD consultant Emily Draycott-Jones told the BBC.

In addition to technology companies, several countries seem to have considered this method as ‘new normal’ after the Corona pandemic. New Zealand, one of the countries that are responsive in handling Coronavirus also plans to implement a similar system. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has suggested the working day be reduced to four days. Apart from being a ‘new normal’, this is also done to increase domestic tourists.

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