Tips Makeup While Wearing A Mask

It’s not easy to wear a mask a day. In a pandemic where New Normal life is applied, you must wear a mask while you are outside the home.

Especially if you have to work in an office by using a mask, maybe you should extra choose a good mask for your convenience, especially if you use makeup.

Chinese makeup artist Alvin Goh gives makeup tips even in the midst of a corona virus outbreak.

Makeup artist who used to dress Emma Watson to Margot Robbie summarizes the five tips to still look beautiful and attractive despite using face masks. Alvin emphasized that applying skincare remains the most important because the use of intense facial masks can make your face dry.

Moisturize Your Skin

“Add magic ingredients like serum or moisturizer that is rich in hyaluronic acid to maintain the level of humidity and increase hydration,” Alvin suggested, as reported by the South Morning Post.
Using a face mask is important, but Alvin suggests removing the mask for a moment to spray facial mist. Facial mist function to maintain facial moisture.

“Spray moisturizer mist, then put the mask back on,” he said.
In the circumstances of using a mask, Alvin said that it is not necessary to use lipstick and blush. Even though I don’t use lipstick, I still use lip balm.

Focus On Eye Makeup

Focus on the eye makeup. The application of mascara and eyeliner will improve appearance, even though using a mask.

“Framing a face is important, especially when only seen by the eyes,” he said.

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