5 Habits Before Sleeping Make A Well Maintained Face

By applying simple habits, you can maintain a healthy facial skin so it looks fresh and flawless since you wake up.

The reason is, when you just wake up, a plain face without outward makeup can make your appearance look dull and oily.

Relax, have a flawless and fresh face since waking up is not a dream if you understand the following 5 secrets.

Let’s find out 5 habits that must be done before going to bed so that your face will remain charming when you wake up.

Why is double cleansing required?

Nowadays, more pollution and free radicals are easily attached to our skin. Not to mention added with oil and makeup.

If we don’t do double cleansing, not all of the dirt will really disappear from the skin.

Well, double cleansing ensures that there is no dirt left on the surface of the skin, so the skin can really breathe and receive night skincare that will regenerate our skin.

Moisturize the entire skin

This also includes the skin of the lips, body, legs and hands, yes!

Moisturizing the skin will not dehydrate your skin during sleep and make your skin healthier!

So, make sure to use moisturizer all over the skin before going to sleep.

For maximum results, we can use a moisturizer when the skin is moist, so that the absorption is more extra!

Use silk sheets

Why must it be made of silk?

Because this material is very smooth and soft on our skin and hair.

If we use cotton, the material will rub the skin and make the skin look dull and not radiant.
Hair will also easily fall apart and will make us feel bad hair day the next day.

Sleep with a high pillow

If you often wake up with swollen eyes and look super tired, try sleeping with a high pillow.

A high pillow will prevent a lot of fluid from entering the eye, which causes the eyes to look swollen and swollen.

Watch what we eat

Indeed, you should not eat 1-2 hours before bedtime, because it can interfere with the body’s metabolism.

In addition, consider also what we eat at night.

Foods that are high in salt, sugar, and fat will be difficult for the body to process, so that it makes our appearance not maximal in the morning.

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