When You Work Out of the Home and Your Child Learns from Home, This Is What To Do

When new is normal, workers are required to be physically present in the office. While on the one hand children continue to go online school through webinar applications. This condition also makes parents unable to accompany children while studying at home.
According to child psychologist Diana Lie, M. Psi., If parents have started coming to work and children start school online, parents need to teach children to be responsible. This assignment of responsibility also depends on the age of the child of the child.

Give Some Responsibility

“Basically, every child needs to be given the trust to do some responsibility. Of course, giving responsibilities to children also needs to be accompanied by an understanding of their developmental age. And parents also need to be actively involved to give concrete examples to children to carry out their responsibilities, so that children also feel helped , “said Diana quoted from Wolipop there.

Control By Yourself

If there are adults at home, such as Household Assistants (HA) or grandparents, Diana added, parents should not give up their responsibilities in paying attention to the child’s learning process. Parents must continue to monitor from a distance of the child’s learning activities.

“Sometimes family conditions indeed make parents take the decision to ask for HA assistance to accompany children to learn. My advice, parents still take time to know the development of children’s learning even though it has been assisted by HA or adults to assist, so that parents are more sensitive whether children need parental assistance or not “Don’t forget to also ask about the children’s experiences during the day of activities, so they don’t only discuss learning and learning, but also their feelings,” he explained.

Does HA or grandparents at home need to be taught how to use webinar applications to make the child’s online school process more smooth? According to Diana, whether or not it depends on the child’s age.

“For children who are already in elementary school, consider grade 3 and above have begun to be trained to understand the use of applications that support their online learning. If you want to teach grandparents need to consider the extent to which they do not feel burdened to pursue current technological developments, “said Diana.

Children Assistant Need To Communicate With Parent

But for children who are under seven years old, parents who have started working in the office need to teach adults at home whether it’s HA or the child’s grandparents how to use webinar applications.

“If the condition really requires HA to accompany children to learn with the application, it seems necessary to teach how. Especially to assist children who are still under the age of 7 years. However, the most basic thing is how parents can protect personal information related to online learning, “she concluded.

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