Why Women Still Have To Use A Bra At Home

Since this pandemic has taken place and has caused everyone to stay home more, most women feel more comfortable without wearing a bra while at home. Women especially those who have become mothers feel more comfortable using nightgowns or loose and comfortable clothes while at home without using a bra. Especially for women who are breastfeeding, at home without using a bra makes them more comfortable because they do not need to open the bra when they have to breastfeed their child.

Reasons for Not Using a Bra

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All women of course know how relief when you can take off the bra after wearing it all day. When they left him for months now they began to get used to it. But according to experts, not wearing a bra for a long time has side effects that have an impact later on.

During silence at home, women feel they do not need underwear because they do not need to leave the house. On social media, they also claim to leave the bra forever but are there any side effects for the health and shape of the breasts?

During lockdown, bras and jeans are the two clothes that women leave behind. They replace it with loungewear or yoga pants even negligee that is more flexible and comfortable to wear at home. Just feel comfortable not wearing a bra, some women claim to keep the underwear for a long time even after lockdown.

Reasons to Keep Using a Bra

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Garment technology expert Victoria Shelton said that breasts should be supported by bras. If not, the breasts can damage the ligaments which are connective tissue to maintain shape. While Dr. Riccardo Frati from Frati Cosmetic Surgery emphasized the importance of breasts to prevent their sagging shape due to gravity and age.
Another supportive expert is Anna Akerlund, head of sales of the Louisa Bracq brand, explaining that traveling without a bra can also have an effect on posture. It was most impactful for large breast owners.

“Our dress needs change because we feel more comfortable at home. But we all still need to wear a bra because our breasts need to be supported because of the weight that might damage posture or make you hurt your back if your breasts are not fully supported,” Victoria said.

“Bra will always support and hold breasts and not wearing them can have an impact on cooper ligaments. Breasts will naturally be loose due to time due to age and gravity,” added Dr. Riccardo.

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