Do These With Your Spouse After Sex

warm the relationship with a partner. Psychology researchers at the University of Michigan and Pennsylavnia’s Albright College stated that couples who fall asleep after sex will have a stronger relationship. However, if you and your partner both do not want to sleep after sex, you can do the following activities after sex.

Cuddling or making out

The moment after making love with a partner is a warm moment that you can use to get closer to your partner and vice versa. This sweet moment you can fill with making out and making out so that the relationship with your partner is more romantic. Cuddling or making out after sex will release the hormone oxytocin which makes each feel more comfortable in the presence of each other.

Pillow Talk to Deep Talk

In addition to making out with a partner, you can also do pillow talk and deep talk as an activity after making love with a partner. You can listen to what problems your partner is facing, what their dreams are in the future, and anything in their past that makes them afraid, angry, or sad. Tell also about yourself more deeply so that couples understand more about your other parts.

Don’t forget to give praise to each other like what you like about it, the small and sweet gestures that you think are meaningful, and how beautiful each moment with your partner. In this way, you and your partner will give positive feedback to each other and the relationship will feel more comfortable.

Eat together

When making love with a partner, the energy released is not small. There are many calories burned and make you or your partner go hungry again. Activities after sex that you can do besides sleeping is eating together. You can cook simple dishes or order your favorite food with your partner. Besides being able to restore energy, your time to chat and have fun with your partner can be longer and enjoy both of you.

After making love with a partner, you and your partner are advised to clean themselves. You can take advantage of this by doing activities after sex, which is taking a bath together. Not only can you do your romantic moments in the bedroom, but also the bathroom. After bathing, your body will feel more clean and relaxed to prepare to sleep with your partner.

Those are some activities after sex that you can do with your partner besides sleeping. By doing these activities, you can strengthen and warm the relationship after sex with your partner.

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