Tips for Planting Your Own Rhizome Plants That Are Useful in the Kitchen

Spices are one of the most important ingredients that must be prepared when cooking. Call it ginger, galangal, turmeric, kencur, bay leaves, and lemongrass. The spices, which are often called kitchen herbs, are simple ingredients that will add to the delicious taste in your cooking. Just to make vegetable soup, I always add a few slices of ginger to add flavor. Apparently, more delicious!

According to Resepkoki website, spices such as ginger, galangal, turmeric, and kencur or rhizomes are easy plants to plant. Especially if it turns out when stored, the gaps grow buds. Well, rather than discarded, you better continue to plant it. If it has grown, not only the roots that we use, the leaves can also become cooking spices, you know. Check out the following ways and steps to plant them.

Look for rhizome seeds

Preparing old rhizome seeds will make it easy for the plant to grow well. Choose old rhizome seeds, which are from rhizomes aged around 9-10 months. If it is difficult to obtain, buy fresh rhizomes and then soak them in warm water overnight. After that, cut the seedlings by 2-3 fingers or 3-5 cm, then save until they sprout in a humid place but not wet, yes. Also avoid direct sunlight.

Prepare the planting place

No need to worry if you do not have large tracts of land for farming. Simply provide used polybags, pots, or unused buckets to plant the prepared rhizome seeds.

This place to plant will also make it easier for you to harvest later, without having to dig deep into the soil. Also make sure that the planting site has enough holes at the bottom so that the remaining water does not accumulate.

Prepare planting media

For planting media, prepare topsoil, manure and husks. Make a mixture of 3 buckets of soil and 1 bucket of fertilizer mix husk. After mixing until loose, put the soil into the planting area to meet only ¾ part.

Plant correctly If the seeds, planting sites, and media are ready, all you have to do is plant the seeds. Put the seeds in the ground. Place the seedling buds at the top, then cover the seeds with soil completely. If you are planting on land, leave 20-30 cm between each rhizome seedling planted.

Proper watering & care

One important thing for the treatment of rhizome plants is to do enough watering, every day until the plants grow well. But not too much, because plants can rot and die.

Don’t forget to store the plants in a humid place exposed to direct sunlight. Be diligent to treat / clean plants from parasites, both wild plants or pests.

Are you ready to plant? Oh yes, because these rhizomes are long enough to harvest, you are advised to continue planting seeds every month. So that when the time comes, you can continue to harvest. No longer worry about the fresh rhizome stock in the kitchen.

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