How To Clean Gums and Teeth In Babies

Baby teeth, even though they are only partially growing, for example, have not yet fully grown, but must be maintained. Because after all, teeth and oral health have a big influence on the growth of our children. If the child’s mouth condition is not healthy, it is definitely not enough nutrition intake.

The function of the milk tooth itself as a function of mastication, the function of speech (including to pronounce consonantal letters) because with the support of the teeth, the baby can begin practicing the pronunciation of words clearly, and also as an aesthetic function, it can be imagined, when the child smiles, then his teeth are black- it’s black, honey, mom. And finally, baby teeth play a role in determining the direction of growth of permanent teeth.

Sometimes a lot of parents who don’t understand and think “ah, this milk tooth, for a moment also take it off yourself” is really wrong moms, because actually if the baby’s teeth fall out prematurely, that’s what causes the permanent teeth to grow apart, because later on the permanent teeth will grow out of place where they should grow.

How to clean gums and teeth in babies:

Every day after eating, and before going to bed, clean the gums with a cloth soaked in boiled water. It should be done before the teeth grow.

When the teeth have begun to grow, introduce with a soft brush. When brushing teeth, gums come brushed. At this stage, you don’t need toothpaste, just wet your toothbrush with boiled water

3. When the teeth are fully grown, start using just a little toothpaste, about the size of a grain of rice.

4. Children enter the age of 3 years, toothpaste added to the size of peas.

5. Help brush your child’s teeth, until the child can brush his own teeth around the age of 6 years.

6. When the child enters the age of 3 years, start inviting the child to visit the dentist6, to see his teeth, starting with introducing the atmosphere where the dentist practice and tools, so that children are accustomed and not afraid to come to the dentist.

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