Shuffle Dance To Fight Depression During Outbreak

This pandemic make depression in every countries. People aroind the world fight not only to stay hrlath from Coronavirus, but also to fight depression the other side caused by this outbreak. Millions peiple around the world fired and it is the economic influenced by Covid-19.

But there is a good news for you to fight depressiin every single day during this pandemic. According to South China Morning Post, a countryside couple from eastern China’s Zhejiang province has gone viral online for their ‘rural-style shuffle dance’. They created the dance to help the husband recover from depression following a severe car accident.

The video is viral around the world and get millions viewer on Youtube. Today in China the couple dance that called ‘rural-style shuffle dance’ become one of trending video.

Reported by PsychologyToday website,
Dance and Movement Therapy (“DMT”) are recognized as a useful addition to talk and medication therapies for depression. Indeed, for some mood disorders, dance and movement therapy is the only intervention recommended. DMT was developed about fifty years ago as part of an art therapy intervention, and there are training programs available around the country to teach practitioners how to combine music, movement, and talk into a therapeutic program.

If you feel depression because of you get fired you can try at home this therapy. The positive side result that you can get is it is good for your health. Your blood pressure become normal and flow in good way.

So, why don’t try to learn Shuffle dance just as this couple.

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