5 Advantages Of Cardamom For Your Health

Have you ever heard the name cardamom? Yes this is one of the spices that makes food in Asia taste more delicious. But in addition to adding its own flavor, cardamom has other benefits.

Originating from India, cardamom is one type of spice that is often used as a spice in the kitchen or food flavoring. Having a slightly spicy taste, cardamom is certainly reliable in increasing the appetite of anyone who tastes it. In Indonesia alone, there are two types of cardamom used as quite a mixture of food, namely Indian cardamom and Javanese cardamom.

Here are 5 benefits of cardamom for health

As Aromatherapy for the Treatment of Respiratory Problems

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Cardamom is one type of spice known as a source of essential oils. Based on the findings of a study conducted by one of the universities in India, the essential oils contained in cardamom are effective in increasing and expediting blood circulation.

These properties have long been known by practitioners of traditional medicine by using cardamom as aromatherapy. The result, aromatherapy is effective in treating respiratory problems, such as asthma and bronchitis. The secret is to increase blood circulation to the lungs.

Overcoming Mouth Problems

Oral health is often considered trivial by some people. In fact, if not kept clean, the mouth can be a source of bacteria and cause various diseases.

Not only mouth disease, bacteria in cavities can spread into the body and cause infections and chronic health problems. For this reason, maintaining oral health and hygiene is a very important thing to do.

By using cardamom, these health problems can be minimized. Cardamom has long been used as traditional medicine to overcome bad breath. In addition, the spice is also able to fight mouth bacteria that cause cavities and canker sores.

Able to Streamline the Digestive System

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Fiber is one of the main ingredients contained in cardamom. As is well known, fiber has an important role in ensuring the health of the digestive system. In one spoonful of the spice, there are at least 2 grams of fiber contained in it.

By getting enough fiber, the body will feel constipated less often or have difficulty defecating. On the other hand, cardamom can also provide more benefits to the digestive system, such as controlling levels of stomach and bile acids, curing stomachaches, and increasing appetite.

Healthy kidneys

Still around the abdomen, cardamom can also be a natural way to make your kidneys healthier. The reason is cardamom is a diuretic and is able to make urination more smoothly. That way, dirt stored in the body can be more easily removed and does not settle.

Not only that, one type of spice is also believed to be able to prevent the appearance of cystitis or infection of the urinary tract. Nephritis or inflammation of the kidneys can also be prevented by taking it. So, kidney health can be maintained and the body remains smooth running the excretion system.

Reducing High Blood Pressure

The benefits to reduce hypertension or high blood pressure from cardamom are known based on a study of 20 adults who suffer from hypertension. In the study, hypertensive patients were given cardamom powder as much as 3 grams every day.

Within 12 weeks, it was known that the blood pressure of hypertension sufferers could drop significantly, even at normal rates. These findings are known because cardamom has a high antioxidant content. So that it can be a natural way to deal with hypertension.

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