Get Safer With Your Own Face Shield

Previously, face shiled was considered ineffective in preventing transmission of the corona virus but only prevented being exposed to droplets when someone sneezed, but now the face shield is considered to be more effective than just wearing an ordinary mask. As quoted by Business Insider, a team of three doctors and public health experts from Iowa City, Iowa, United States, suggested that a face shield might be better than a mask. Note that other health protocols such as hand washing and keeping a distance are applied.

“Face shields come in many different shapes, but they all provide a transparent plastic barrier covering the face. For optimal protection, the long face shield must pass through the chin, the ears and there is no gap between the forehead and the plastic,” wrote Doctor Eli Perencevich, Daniel Diekema and Michael Edmond in the medical article released by JAMA Network.

The Advantages of Face Shield Compared to Masks

  • Face shield is easier to clean by spraying disinfectant or wiping it with a wet tissue while the mask must be washed first and dried so it takes time to clean.
  • Face shield prevents the wearer from touching the face repeatedly while the mask is very easy for the wearer to touch the face and even touch the front of the mask which absorbs viruses and bacteria
  • Face shields are more comfortable to use because the wearer breathes more easily, while masks make the wearer sometimes more difficult to breathe.
  • Face shield protects the eye area while the mask has no protection in that area.
  • Face shields tend to be more durable than masks which, when washed repeatedly, can reduce their effectiveness.
  • Face shield helps people who are mute or deaf to read the lips of lips because it is transparent while the mask closes the mouth.

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