Parsley, Herbal Plants Many Benefits

You must be familiar with plants that are included in this herbal category. especially if you like garlic bread, french toast, pizza, etc. Indeed Parsley is often found in various types of food.

Parsley is an herbaceous plant with an average height of 10 to 30 cm which is well-known as a herb for garnishes or as a spice in cooking.


With the scientific name Petroselinum crispum, this leaf is known as a nutrient rich garnish, especially with its very high iron content.

Although its main function for now is as a garnish in food, parsley has been used for a variety of purposes hundreds of years ago, one of which is eliminating bad breath (besides eliminating the fishy odor of meat in cooking, of course). Recorded in the history of the Greeks, parsley was used to eliminate the smell of decomposed bodies during wartime.

Another Benefits

In addition to eliminating bad breath and containing high iron, parsley leaves are rich in chlorophyll, high in antioxidants, potassium, folic acid, amino acids and potassium, as well as essential vitamins for growth such as vitamins A and C. The leaves are also efficacious as a pain reliever during menstruation, reduce high blood pressure (still close family with celery with the same function), relieve bloating in the stomach / stomach (good for patients with ulcers), relieve rheumatic bone pain, and digestive disorders. For these reasons this plant is often cultivated and the leaves dried to be mixed with food. Dried parsley is quite popular as a popular and sought-after spice in Indonesia.

Parsley comes from European countries, especially thrives in the Eastern Mediterranean. In Turkey it is used as a deterrent or treat diabetes. Parsley is also often brewed as a tea for diuretic purposes (or in layman’s terms stimulates the production of urine / urine for certain purposes).

Fight Cancer

Apigenin antioxidants and prevent the spread of cancer and tumor growth in the body. Because according to research, apigenin has successfully inhibited the growth of enzymes that can multiply cancer cells. Parsley leaf has been proven to successfully inhibit the spread of cancer, especially in prostate, colorectal and colon cancer.

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