How To Manage Your Bedroom More Comfortable

When you walk into the bedroom, you don’t see peace and comfort, but a closet full of stacks of clothes, dolls, and other trinkets. It’s time to decorate your bedroom. Consider some of these strategies for cleaning and rearranging your bedroom within 7 days according to Arsitag website. So here we go!

Make a plan before Acting

Observe your bedroom. Where is the source of the problem? What is the right strategy? The bedroom should be a quiet and comfortable resting place for relaxing and dreaming. If your bedroom is clean enough, but your closet is full of useless things so the door is almost broken and it’s almost hard to close the drawer, it’s better to think about rearranging your bedroom immediately.

Day 1: Streamline the cupboard

Cleaning work: Remove all clothes and items from cabinets and drawers. While the cupboard is empty, clean the inside with a vacuum cleaner. Also, clean the closet rack and the dressing table drawer.

Spruce up work:

Sort any damaged and unused items

Choose clothes that don’t fit anymore or you don’t like in separate stacks. You can try wearing them if necessary.

Store the clothes that you like back in a closet that fits the current model and is in good condition

Put clothes and accessories in separate storage

Pile up your favorite clothes that need to be fixed in a tote bag to take to the tailor. If you don’t have a lot of cleaning time today, consider tidying up your cupboards and drawers tomorrow.

Day 2: Refresh the entire room

Cleaning work: Although the bedroom does not look dirty like a kitchen or bathroom, surprisingly, you can almost find piles of dust in every corner.

Clean the entire room from top to bottom with a vacuum cleaner. Use tools to clean the window and wall curtains, and make sure to clean the bottom of the bed.

Use the stairs to clean the lights and the top of the shelf.

Clean the top of the nightstand, dressing table, and other furniture surfaces.

Wash small rugs and curtains if you can wash them.

Clean large carpets to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner or bring it to the laundry.

Sweep the wood floor.

Tidying up: While checking around the room, put items that are not supposed to be in the bedroom (dishes, dirty clothes, etc.) and return them to their place.

Day 3: Make the bed

Cleaning work:

Clean the headboard

Clean the bed with a vacuum cleaner and rotate the mattress.

Wash the mattress pads and sheets.

Tidying up: Sorting blankets, duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases. Keep it in each set (sheets, pillowcases, and bolsters) so it is easy to take. Set aside obsolete or unused.

Day 4: Make notes

Now that you have cleared the mess and removed dust, it will be easier to find out what needs to be changed or updated. Write down any changes you want.

Is the lighting in your bed sufficient, both lighting to create atmosphere and function (like reading in bed)?

Are you satisfied with the sheets? What about pillowcases?

Do you have a good set of hangers in the closet?

Do you have the right storage for your shoe collection?

Will it help to have a drawer divider or shelf divider?

Day 5: Beautify the bedside

Tidying work: Sort all books, magazines, journals, and other items that fill the side table. Move all but a few objects that you use every night.

Cleaning work: Clean the legs and table lampshade, and remove objects on the nightstand.

Day 6: Pay attention to trifles

Spruce up work:

Sort jewelry and other small accessories, get rid of trinkets that you no longer use

Pay attention to the plant, clean the dust on the broad leaves, prune the dried leaves, and replace the pot if necessary

Throw out old candles, worn blankets, and anything that looks outdated

Put fresh flowers in a beautiful vase.

Day 7 and beyond: Perform maintenance every day

Cleaning task: If you are not familiar, do a few simple things:

Make the bed immediately after waking up in the morning and tidy up the bedside table before leaving the room.

At night, put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and put the accessories in place and not pile them up on chairs or dressers.

Tidy up tasks:

When you shop for new clothes, sheets, blankets, or whatever, get rid of something similar or worn out to avoid chaos.

Mark specific dates on the calendar to rearrange the wardrobe, dressing table, nightstand, and bed.

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