Make Up Tips For Dry Skin

Are you the owner of dry skin and often have difficulty applying makeup all this time? Dry skin tends to flake easily. It’s not surprising that makeup is finally hard to stick to and looks cracked when applied to the face. Well, so that the makeup you use remains good, here are tips for using makeup for owners of dry skin.

1. Use Skincare First

Using skincare before applying makeup is a must, especially if your skin is dry. The use of basic skincare such as toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen is enough to lock in the moisture of the skin before you wear makeup. Moisturized skin can make your skin more ready, so that makeup will stick more. Don’t forget to choose skincare that has the function of hydrating skin, ladies!

2. Choose the Right Formula Base Makeup

If you have dry skin, you should avoid using a foundation with a matte result, Ladies. Foundation or other base makeup that has a matte finish will only make your face look drier. For best results, choose a base makeup with satin finish or dewy finish. These two end results will make your face look healthier naturally with the glowing it produces.

3. Textured Makeup Cream

After choosing the base makeup, now is the time for you to choose other products such as blush, bronzer, highlighter, and eyeshadow. For owners of dry skin, try to choose a creamy textured makeup. With the selection of creamy textured makeup, you will minimize the use of powder-based products on the face. As you know, powder-based products tend to make the skin feel drier. In contrast to makeup made from cream which is more easily blended and makes the skin look more naturally beautiful without the matte effect.

4. Choose Sponge Than Brush

Using the right makeup applicator, you also need to pay attention, you know. If your skin is dry, you should choose a sponge applicator over a brush. Sponge can help even out makeup by pressing, while the brush must be used by sliding. Sliding the brush on the surface of the face can make your dry skin lifted, Ladies. The effect, makeup will look flaky and does not stick to the skin.

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